Deep Dive Dubai is the deepest pool in the world. It’s designed to look like a sunken city.

The deepest pool in the world recently opened in the United Arab Emirates. The attraction, named Deep Dive Dubai, has a depth of 60 meters (197 feet). That’s deep enough to sink a 20-story building!

Deep Dive Dubai was designed to resemble a sunken city, complete with lampposts, billboards, ATMs, trash cans, and cars. Enormous fake tree roots stretch down from the water’s surface. Visitors can play arcade games, ride a stationary bike, or explore an underwater apartment. People can also practice diving in the super-deep pool.

The pool’s designers want people to feel like they’re diving in the ocean—without the danger. “We don’t have currents, marine life, or moving boats,” says Jesper Kjoller, a spokesperson for Deep Dive Dubai.