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Explaining Our Skills Sheets

Your subscription to SuperScience comes with a variety of teaching resources, including skills sheets. These activities support reading comprehension and writing skills and reinforce science and engineering practices. 

You can see a full list of skills sheets offered with each article or each issue in our print or digital Teacher’s Guide. (The Answer Key is located to the right of the issue cover as well.)

Here’s where you can download all skills sheets for the entire issue:

You can also search for skill sheets in our archive by going to the “Search” bar in the upper right.

Types of Skills Sheets:
Hands-on Science and Engineering Activities

Every issue of SuperScience includes at least two hands-on activities. These include investigations, modeling activities, or engineering challenges. Each activity is easy to set up in the classroom and uses affordable, easy-to-find items.

Visuals: Charts, Graphs, Maps & Diagrams

Every issue of SuperScience includes skills sheets that ask students to analyze real-world data related to the articles presented in charts, graphs, maps, and diagrams.

Science and Engineering Practices

We regularly provide opportunities to develop student proficiency in different science and engineering practices from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), such as developing models, constructing explanations, and planning investigations.

Literacy and English Language Arts (ELA)

SuperScience supports Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Each feature article has at least one accompanying skills sheet that allows students to practice a particular literacy skill, such as evaluating paired texts, determining the main idea, and writing expository texts. 

Think It Through

Every issue of SuperScience includes critical thinking questions on a “Think It Through” skill sheet related to an article. These questions allow students to engage with open-ended questions modeled after standardized assessments. 

Reading Comprehension

The No-Sweat Bubble Test included with every issue is a multiple-choice quiz covering key ideas from one of the feature articles. Build students’ confidence and core science knowledge with these 10 questions modeled after standardized assessments. It is also available on our website as a Google Quiz. 


Help students master science practices and build their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills with our library of graphic organizers, including brainstorming tools and reading comprehension activities. These templates can be used with any SuperScience article.