Sean Kenney/

This 5-foot-tall chameleon sculpture is made of nearly 50,000 LEGO bricks.

This colorful chameleon is not a real animal—it’s almost entirely made out of LEGO® bricks! The creation is the work of artist Sean Kenney. He builds giant animal sculptures from as many as 125,000 bricks. They can weigh up to 285 kilos (628 pounds)! 

How does Kenney make sure the structures won’t topple down? First, he builds a steel frame. He glues LEGO bricks together in rows around it. The frame and the glue help support the load, or weight, of the sculpture. They work against the downward pull of gravity to hold the LEGO bricks together. 

The animal sculptures are displayed in zoos and parks across the U.S. Kenney hopes the art project, called Nature Connects, will help make people aware of the threats facing wildlife today.